(Served from 8am-10:30am)

The Basic B

over medium egg, smoked bacon, tillamook cheddar, harissa aioli $6.00

The Nardwich

scrambled egg, tillamook cheddar, black bean hummus, crushed avocado, tomato, house made chorizo $7.00

Smoked salmon

scrambled egg, chives, red onion, tomato, drake family farm “everything” goat cheese $8.00

Breakfast burger

all natural beef, smoked bacon, over medium egg, tomato jam, tillamook cheddar $11.50

(Served after 10:30am)

House Smoked Pastrami

scratch made pickles and mustard, caraway rye $13.00

Smoked Pork PB&J

pulled pork, chipotle peanut butter, strawberry jam, white cheddar $9.00

House grilled cheese

roasted garlic, tomato jam, drakes family farm goat cheese, white cheddar $7.00


roasted eggplant, black bean hummus, pickles, cucumber salad, fried egg, tahini dressing, pickled mango relish $7.50

Slow Roasted turkey

romesco sauce, arugula, avocado, pickles $7.00

Scratch burger

all natural beef, scratch ketchup, lettuce, grilled onions, tillamook cheddar $8.00

Make it a double add $3 • Add egg $2.00 • Add bacon $2.00

Counter burger

all natural beef, scratch burger sauce, pickles, tillamook cheddar $8.00

make it a double add $3 • add egg $2.00 • add bacon $2.00

Lunch Sides

Hand Cut Fries

served with scratch ketchup $4.00

Cheese Fries

hand cut fries topped with cheese sauce $5.00

Pastrami Fries

hand cut fries topped with smoked pastrami and cheese sauce $7.00

Simple Green Salad

mixed lettuces, citrus vinaigrette $3.00

Deli salads

an assortment of salads based on the season $5.00

Creamy Tomato Basil Soup


Assorted Beverages



Harvest Salad

Fresh and pickled vegetables, arugula, romaine, pumpkin seed granola, tahini dressing, smoked goat cheese feta $9.95

Slow Roasted Turkey Salad

radish, cucumber, avocado, pickled red onion, romaine, green goddess dressing $11.95

Thai chopped salad

romaine, green cabbage, caramelized root vegetables, fried shallots, peanuts, radish, citrus vinaigrette, chives $9.95
Add shaved turkey to any salad $2.00




Seasonal Pies